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Heirloom Machine Quilting.jpg (144811 bytes)Heirloom Machine Quilting by Harriet Hargrave                                                                                                 

Code:CT10110  Price: $43.50

A comprehensive guide to Hand-Quilted Effects using your sewing machine. Spiral bound hardcover book to enable it to lie flat when working and tracing designs.


Machine Quilting with Decorative Threads.jpg (230998 bytes)Machine Quilting with decorative threads by Maurine Noble & Elizabeth Hendricks

Code: TP333 Price: $36.00

Create dazzling, eye-catching quilts with the wonderful colours and textures of decorative threads.


Trapunto by Machine.jpg (240788 bytes)Trapunto by Machine by Hari Walner

Code: TP10130 Price: $36.00

If you have never tried trapunto quilting this is your opportunity to learn these new, easy, time-saving techniques. You will love the added dimension it adds to your quiltmaking.


Exploring Machine Trapunto1.jpg (135975 bytes)Exploring Machine Trapunto - New Dimensions by Hari Walner                                                        Code:CT10168      Price: $49.50

Hari expands on her basic trapunto techniques and innovative surface design ideas, in addition to giving lots of great, new, inspiring designs.



250 Continuous Quilting designs.jpg (130706 bytes)250 Continuous Line quilting Designs by Laura Lee Fritz for hand and machine & Longarm quilters.

Code: CT 10258   Price: $38-00

250 designs include home & garden, sewing notions, nature, sports themes, birds, animals & fish. Appropriate for both hand and machine quilting.


Quilt It.jpg (121991 bytes)Quilt It! by Barbara Chainey

Code: TP397       Price: $55.00

Choose from 400 ideas for attractively pieced and appliqued designs. Easy-to-follow suggestions suitable for both hand and machine quilting.


Encyclopaedia of Designs for Quilting1.jpg (107062 bytes)Encyclopedia of Designs for Quilting by Phyllis D. Miller Code: AQS4814   Price:$75.00 

This book has 3 purposes: to present a record of traditional quilting designs for use in quiltmaking and for use in quilt documentation; to offer guidance on where to use these quilting designs; and to provide instruction on how quilting designs can be drawn and marked for use in current quiltmaking.




NB:All prices are in Australian Dollars


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