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Cabbage Rose & Black Mountain Design Books 

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Sweet Briar Rose.jpg (128328 bytes)

Sweet Briar Rose by Black Mountain Quilts

Vintage florals & pastel prints combine beautifully in the charming collection of quilted projects. 11 projects are designed to be as easy as possible with quick piecing and fusible appliqué.
Price: $27-00


Buttermilk Farm.jpg (152735 bytes)Buttermilk Farm by Black Mountain Quilts

A collection of cosy quilted projects that bring memories of simpler times, like those on a farm. 13  projects are designed to be as easy as possible with quick piecing & fusible appliqué.
Price: $27-00



Patches & Posies.jpg (114987 bytes)Patches & Posies by Black Mountain Quilts                                Code:BM500

15 Projects designed to keep summer in your heart year round. Quilts, wall hangings, pillows & clothing that will bloom for you in no time.

Price: $34.00



Robin's Nest.jpg (150452 bytes)Robin's Nest by Black Mountain Quilts

A charming collection of 7 projects that will keep springtime in your heart all year!
Price: $25.00



Farmhouse Quilters Companion.jpg (150272 bytes)Farmhouse Quilter's Companion by Cabbage Rose

15 easy to make projects with the freshness of farm life and the memories of days gone by.
Price: $37.00


Threads of Time.jpg (179289 bytes)Threads of Time by Cabbage Rose

Code: CR506
16 beautiful projects to inspire you!! This is a quilter's scrapbook of memories in the wonderful style of Barbara Brandeburg, the author.
Price: $40.00


Blossom Hill.jpg (257671 bytes)Blossom Hill by Black Mountain Quilts

Code: BM570

This new collection of quilts conjures warm images of spring blossoms, crisp apples, and baskets of freshly picked blueberries. Fourteen projects designed with quick piecing and fusible appliqué.

Price: $35.00


Winter Rose.jpg (159416 bytes)Winter Rose by Cabbage Rose

Code: CR508

Fourteen great projects from beginner advanced. All these projects are in rich warm colours to make you want to snuggle up with them all

Price: $36.00

Katies Garden.jpg (147813 bytes)Katie's Garden by Cabbage Rose

Code: CR503

18 lovely projects with a touch of plaid and a bouquet of prints in all your favourite floral colours. All projects have been designed with quick fusible appliqué and simple strip piecing so your garden will be blooming in no time at all

Price: $35.00

Summer Rose.jpg (184925 bytes)Summer Rose by Cabbage Rose

Code: CR509

Fourteen delightful quilts to make with easy methods of appliqué and piecing! Reminiscent of Indian summer days these quilts will be sure to tempt you!

Price: $40.00


Meadow Rose.jpg (142014 bytes)Meadow Rose by Cabbage Rose

Code: CR510

This book is a collection of fun and cheerful projects in both a spring and autumn colour palette. There are many ideas on how to use the lovely floral border prints available in shops. Quilts and pillows to total 15 lovely projects.

Price: $40.00

Little French.jpg (168568 bytes)Little French Hen by Cabbage Rose

Code: CR511

Ten inspiring projects to use up all your favourite fabrics! As always these books have a lovely blend of appliqué and simple piecing to create stunning quilts for your home & families.

Price: $34.00

Mulberry Lane.jpg (167727 bytes)Mulberry Lane by Black Mountain Quilts

Code: BM580

This new collection of 11 quilts includes a wide variety of colours and styles -- rich plums and mulberry reds, romantic pinks and greens, and, of course ,my favourite combination - crisp red, white and blue. Including appliqué and patchwork, there is something for everybody.

Price: $36.00

Days to Remember.jpg (193939 bytes)Days to Remember by Black Mountain Quilts

Code: BM600

Our lives are filled with special days. There are birthdays and Christmas, of course, with their obvious importance. But there are also less notable moments that engrave themselves in our memories.  9 inspiring projects to depict those special days for you to remember!

Price: $36.00



All prices in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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