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  Books from Brandywine Design

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Seasons of Love.jpg (158773 bytes)Seasons of Love by Brandywine Design

Code: BWD-B07

The most beautiful appliqué designs depicting all the seasons are available with the lovely book! 13 projects to inspire and tempt you to make lovely cushions & quilts.

Price: $43.00

Patchwork Pantry.jpg (182914 bytes)Patchwork Pantry

Code: BWD-B06

A collection of charming quilts and favourite recipes!! 13 wonderful projects with some fantastic recipes to accompany them.

Price: $38.00


Brandyberry Cottage.jpg (186325 bytes)Brandyberry Cottage    Code:BWD-B03

Have you ever dreamed of a place where life is simple and you are surrounded by enchanted gardens and rainbow skies, where afternoon tea on the porch is accompanied by song birds and cool summer breezes? Step inside the pages of Brandyberry Cottage and you will find many wonderful projects to help you create such a magical place. 20 projects to keep you busy & inspired!

Price: $35.00


Weekend in Provence.jpg (176042 bytes)Weekend in Provence

Code: BWD-B04           SOLD OUT

10 quilt projects inspired by beautiful fabrics!! Another 10 pillow & accessory projects to match the quilts are also included in the superb book!

Price: $26.00   ON SALE NOW!!

Rosewood Cottage.jpg (170840 bytes)Rosewood Cottage

Code: BWD-B05

Dreamy quilts from Rosewood Cottage will inspire you to create your own memories! 7 Quilt projects and 5 gorgeous pillows are included in this romantic style book of appliqué & pieced projects.

Price: $25.00   ON SALE NOW!!

Down on the Farm.jpg (194810 bytes)Down on the Farm

Code: BWD-B02

A sampler quilt 41" x 53". This lovely little quilt would look fantastic in any home!! With scarecrow, tractor, chooks, ducks and turkeys it will turn any head to see what else they can find....

Price: $10.00   ON SALE NOW!!

Jack and Jill.jpg (80288 bytes)Jack and Jill - Pattern with Templates included!

Code: N04

29" x 33" little Nursery Rhyme quilt for that special person!!

Price: $10.00


Mistress Maryu.jpg (97852 bytes)Mistress Mary Pattern with Templates included!

Code: N03

29" x 33" little Nursery Rhyme quilt for you to make.

Price: $10.00



Humpty Dumpty1.jpg (88993 bytes)Humpty Dumpty Pattern - with Templates included!

Code: N02

29" x 33" Nursery Rhyme quilt to make for a special little person...

Price: $10-00


Circle of Angels.jpg (67223 bytes)Circle of Angels

Code: C08

Six Christmas Angels! Six original designs by Linda Hohag with instructions for fusible, traditional and machine appliqué methods. Patterns for a Christmas Tree Skirt or tablecloth, matching wall quilt and table runner, plus "Angelica" a beautiful Angel for the top of your Christmas Tree. For holiday sparkle, try quilting with gold thread or embellish with beads, sequins and embroidery.

Price: $10-00




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